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Player in Paradise – Only 99 cents!


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New Novel in the Works!


My brain never stops thinking up new manuscript ideas. I tend to base my books off of things that I’ve experienced or know about, ie., I was a merch girl and interned in the music industry which brought about the idea for Merch Girl, the novel.

My major in college was Public Relations and I ended up becoming a publicist after I graduated. I love my day job in publicity – it’s hard work, but it’s exciting and there’s never a dull moment. I once got to walk Miley Cyrus down the red carpet during a gala event…that was such a career highlight for me! We talked about our dogs and I introduced her to the media from People Magazine and Entertainment Tonight.

Anyway, this experience got me thinking… what would happen if a junior publicist was in charge of handling a Hollywood heart throb who was a notorious troublemaker/player/all around bad boy? Sounds like a great plot for a book, right?? πŸ™‚ Well, that’s the premise of my New Adult work-in-progress. I don’t want to share any nitty gritty details yet, but it’s been a lot of fun writing this one. It’s much steamier than Merch Girl! The main characters are in their early 20’s so I feel like I can get away with being a little more graphic.

If you’d like to check out some photo inspiration for this novel, click the link to my Pinterest board here. You’ll see that I’m basing the lead guy off of someone who looks like Zac Efron or Louis Tomlinson….hot, right? πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to share more with you guys in the future!!

Book Covers!


is there a book cover hell?? I think I have spent way, way, wayyyyy too many hours browsing stock photo sites, mocking up book covers on photoshop and scrolling through hundreds of fonts, but I know it will be all be worth it in the end when I have a pretty, pretty book cover! I have the capabilities to make a rockin’ book cover for my upcoming YA novel, Merch Girl, and I’m not stopping till I find THE PERFECT photo and fonts!

Should I post my final mock cover on here before purchasing the photo for your opinions, or does that ruin the surprise? Has anyone else out there created their own book cover, and if so, how did you come to the decision on what worked for your book?

New Adult?

New Adult

photo from NY Mag

Recently there’s been a lot of talk in the publishing world about a new category called “New Adult.” I find this pretty interesting since my work-in-progress could technically be considered New Adult due to the main character being in her early 20’s, just starting her first job, and is starting to figure her life out (although a guy she meets throws her perfect plan out of whack!)

It got me thinking – when I was in my early 20’s, would I have considered myself a “New Adult?” For me, the answer is yes. Between the ages of 21 – 23, I graduated college, got into my first serious relationship, moved in with a guy, moved far away to another state, landed my first salaried full-time job, went through my first real break-up, and paid my own rent to my first apartment! Therefore, I definitely think the term “New Adult” is fitting for this age since it’s a time for many new experiences.

I would also call this the “Cosmo Generation” because between the ages of 21-23, my friends and I all subscribed to and read Cosmopolitan Magazine! We read it for the fashion, guy advice, sex tips, job news, etc. and it was found in every dorm room!

Anyway, I really like this new “New Adult” category and am excited to be about 50% done with my first draft of my NA manuscript.

What are your thoughts on this genre? Have you read any good NA books lately?

Musical Inspiration Pt 2


Another song that I listened to while drafting Merch Girls was Rock God by Selena Gomez. I mean…how could I not? It basically describes how my main character feels about her “Rock God” to a T! See lyrics below:

“”Cause I’m so possessed

With the music, the music he plays

I can’t stop my feet from dancing
To the sound of his drum
Oh no, I fell in love with my rock god
I can’t keep my hips from swaying
To his sweet melody, you see
I fell in love with my rock, rock god”

Check it out:

Character Photos – Lacey


I can visualize my characters from the novels I write in my head, but it’s hard to find physical representation. After perusing the awesomeness that is Tumblr, I did come across a few that fall in line with what I feel they would look like or act like.Β 

My main character in Merch Girls is named Lacey. She’s 17 (almost 18), sort of shy, has curly/wavy hair and loves to rock out. Here’s what I think she would look like waiting outside the tour bus for her boys. Could you relate to someone like her? Are you interested in hearing her story?



I’ll post more photo inspiration in the coming weeks!