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Musical Inspiration Pt 3


The band that really got me into concerts was the band Hanson. I started listening to them back in 1997 when Mmmbop first came out and never stopped. Nearly 16 years later and they are still my musical drug of choice. One of their songs that means the most to me is “Lost Without Each Other”….besides just loving this song, I’m actually in the music video!! Yep, they filmed it at a concert I was at in Boston back in 2004 πŸ™‚ Does that make me a video girl AND a merch girl?? lol Check it out here.




Musical Inspiration Pt 2


Another song that I listened to while drafting Merch Girls was Rock God by Selena Gomez. I mean…how could I not? It basically describes how my main character feels about her “Rock God” to a T! See lyrics below:

“”Cause I’m so possessed

With the music, the music he plays

I can’t stop my feet from dancing
To the sound of his drum
Oh no, I fell in love with my rock god
I can’t keep my hips from swaying
To his sweet melody, you see
I fell in love with my rock, rock god”

Check it out:

Musical Inspiration


While writing Merch Girls, my hopefully soon-to-be-published Young Adult novel, I felt that listening to music while writing could bring out even more emotion in my characters. Every few days I plan to post about one band or song that inspired me.

One of the bands that I listened to most while drafting the first copy of my manuscript was Fall Out Boy. I’m not gonna lie – I was pretty crushed when they broke up, but I still love listening to them while I type.

One of my favorite song quotes that really relates to my book is from their song, “27”: “Doing lines of dust and sweat off last night’s stage, just to feel like you.”

I think it embodies the emotion of wanting to be a part of music so badly that you need to not just hear it, but also feel it, smell it, and touch it.

Take a listen: