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Band to Watch – Hollywood Ending


Hey guys! I have a new “Band to Watch” for ya! It’s….Hollywood Ending! I’ve been seeing their name pop up all over Twitter lately and had to check them out for myself. I loved what I heard! Check out their bio, video and web links below and let me know if you like them too!

Hollywood Ending is a pop-rock band formed in summer 2011. The band consists of Tyler Wilson, Cameron Byrd, and Dan Geraghty, all 18 years old. Hailing from all different parts of the east coast, these boys came together with a shared dream of becoming big in the music industry. They got their start on season 4 of Radio Disney’s Next Big Thing competition making it in 3rd place. They have appeared on plenty of tours since the formation of the band, opening for artists like Allstar Weekend, Austin Mahone, The Janoskians, R5 and even headlining their own tour playing many sold-out shows across the entire United States, Canada, and Europe.


Here’s a video of Hollywood Ending covering Mirrors by Justin Timberlake:


Want more Hollywood Ending? Check them out here:


One Direction Fans – Important Question…


So…while at the One Direction concert in Miami, Harry Styles came out on stage toward the end of the show just casually eating a banana. Can anyone tell me why? Does he have a disease that causes low potassium? Does he need something in his mouth at certain times of the night? Maybe he thinks he’s a monkey… I need answers!


Here is the photo I took of said banana eating:Image

Concert Review – One Direction – Miami, FL


It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a pop concert, especially a large one in an arena. I think the last one I went to was Jonas Brothers in 2009. So when I was offered the opportunity to see One Direction at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL, there was no way I was passing it up. Especially because I’ve recently fallen in love with the 5-piece boy group from the UK. All of their songs are instantly catchy and you could hear a song one time and sing along the next. It doesn’t hurt that the fellas are insanely cute. I honestly couldn’t pick a fave…they’re all adorbz, but I will admit, Harry’s got “swag.”

This boyband is different than any other boyband I’ve ever seen in concert. For one – they don’t dance. Seriously, no real choreography at all! They walk back and forth, jump around, horse around with each other, etc. I think this is GREAT…it gives them more time to interact with the crowd and really pay attention to what’s happening all around them.

I sat a few rows away from the side of the stage, which was fun, because when the boys were tired or needed a sip of water, then they’d come over to the side and sometimes they’d lean over and talk to us.

The concert was amazing, very fun, fast-paced, they had some funny videos in between some of the songs. They also did a little “Twitter Q&A” with audience members who tweeted in questions. At the show I was at, someone asked them to show us how to twerk….and they did! It was too cute…not sure those boys pulled it off, but they looked funny doing it and it made us all laugh.

One of the best parts was at the end…they came out wearing custom Miami Heat jerseys!

If One Direction is coming to a city near you, try to get tickets if you can — you’ll have a blast!

Here’s some of my videos & photos from the show:







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Album Review – Hanson – Anthem


So, since this is my blog, I am going to post about my favorite band in the universe – Hanson – who came out with a brand new album today! It’s called “Anthem” and if you haven’t listened to Hanson since Mmmbop, or were too young to know about them when they first came out, I beg you to give their new music a shot. It’s seriously amazing, and I’m not just saying that because I’ve been a fan for the past 16 years. It’s got rock, pop, soul, and everything in between. These boys work so hard on their music and they produce it independently, that’s right, they have their own record label and do things their way! They write all their songs and play their own music and are basically just the real deal all around.

If you give it a shot, please let me know what you think!


Here’s the link to purchase on iTunes:


Here’s the official Hanson website:


And here’s a YouTube video of one of their new songs, Get The Girl Back, which features the amazing Nikki Reed and Kat Dennings!

P.S. If you enjoy music and like reading books, check out my YA novel, Merch Girl!

Bands to Watch – The Royal Knockout


If you’ve been wondering why there hasn’t been a “bands to watch” post in a while, it’s because out of the hundreds of bands who follow me each week on Twitter, it’s been pretty slim pickings on the ones that I would recommend for you to “watch!” But then these guys came along and broke the streak! Thank goodness because I was starting to get a little worried…

Introducing…The Royal Knockout!

Three guys who play, write and sing. (Sounds just like my fictional band in my upcoming book, Merch Girl!) Anyway…if I were to describe what they sound like, I’d say a combination of The Fray and Something Corporate, if that makes any sense. The sound is still very original though, and the lead singer has the ability to convey a lot of emotion in his voice, which is not something every singer in a band can do. I’m also a sucker for guys who play keyboard 🙂

Check them out for yourself and tell me what you think!


Bands to Watch – Late Nite Reading


Ok, so I’m going down my list of bands who follow me on Twitter, checking out band after band, passing over some so-so ones or bands that aren’t really my taste, but these cuties definitely make the cut! 

First of all, their name, Late Nite Reading, is amazing because obviously, I am a writer/aspiring author and love to read late at night! 🙂 Also, the first video that popped up on Youtube was a cover of One Direction’s “One Thing” and it totally reminded me of when I would buy those “Pop Goes Punk” CDs in college, with like Yellowcard covering Michelle Branch. Loved it! Then I listened to some original tunes and they were just as good, if not better than the cover songs.

I’m also digging their “Tour Stories” vids on Youtube…I think that my fictional band, Lansdowne, from my upcoming book Merch Girl, would do the same stuff during their tour down time! It says they are touring in Pembroke Pines, FL, which is near me….but I’ve never heard of that venue before so I’ll have to investigate that one some more.

If you like pop punk, please give these guys a listen! The One Direction cover is below, but check out their original music too, and follow them on Twitter here:

Let me know what you think!

Bands to Watch – I Killed the Symphony


Ok, Twitter is the best because all these amazing bands are following me and I would have never heard of any of them if not for this platform! Case in point, the band I Killed the Symphony.

First I saw their press photo, and my first impression was that they might sound too goth for me, but I was wrong, they are a great female-fronted rock band. If I were to make any comparisons, I’d say they’re similar to Paramore. The lead singer has a great vocal prowess, and she’s smokin’ hot! Yes, I’m a straight, confident female, calling another girl hot!

Anyway, give them a listen and catch them on tour if they come to your city! Check out their Facebook here: