Bands to Watch – Before You Exit


I haven’t done one of these in a while, and it’s mainly because I haven’t found a band to blog about for quite some time! However, through the magic of Twitter, I stumbled upon a pretty cool up and coming band from Orlando called Before You Exit, or as their faithful fans refer to them, BYE.

They’re totally adorbz and their sound is poppy mixed with a little electro punk in the vein of Hot Chelle Rae and early Jonas Brothers. The band is made up of three brothers (similar to my fave band in the universe, Hanson) consisting of: Connor McDonough, 19, (Vocals/Guitar), Riley McDonough, 17, (Vocals), and Toby McDonough, 15, (Vocals/Synth/Guitar).

They are currently on tour with Cody Simpson and you can find more info on their website here: 

Check out their video for the single I Like It Like That and let me know what you think!


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