Merch Girl Memories



So, with the debut of my new Young Adult novel, Merch Girl almost coming up on a full week of being available for purchase, I thought I’d reminisce with some true-life, non-fiction stories from MY time being friends with and selling merch for local bands, and maybe some famous celebrity stories too.

Thankfully, I kept a handy dandy online journal so that I would remember everything that happened to me and my friends. Seriously, if I did not have this journal, I honestly wouldn’t remember 75% of the stuff that I went through! No, I wasn’t drunk or on drugs, I just have a really bad memory.

Anyway, one memory that I DO remember is the first time I saw and met the band that I would eventually become really great friends with and be their merch girl from 2003 – 2005. It was such an amazing time. I was 20, turning 21. I even spent my 21st Birthday at a bar on Lansdowne Street watching their band play while the Red Sox were in the World Series. Lets just say they were a huge inspiration for my book 🙂

Ok, so in the summer of 2003, I moved to NYC to intern for Interscope Records. While I was in NYC, I was also getting involved with a new media/new music venture called Paved Earth. They hired me as a Boston rep, and one other guy. They sent us each other’s email addresses so we started chatting online on AIM. Keep in mind, this is before Facebook even existed, I don’t think Myspace did either. So, I had no clue what he looked like or what the band sounded like. All I knew was that he was in a band and went to college for music in Boston and that they were playing a show at the amazing CBGB club in NYC.

Here’s the first thing I wrote in my online journal about it:
This dude that wants to be Boston A&R for PEM is in a band and having a show at cbgbs next tues.. i felt way cool cos he just said this:
“Tues….you should come, i will put you on the list…youre an A+R person now…hehe.” me=dying cos i cant believe someone just said that to me haha 😀

So, yes, I was excited, but not anticipating anything amazing. Well, when I got there with my friend, I remember seeing a guy soundchecking on stage and praying to myself, and to my friend, “please be him, please be him, please be him!” hahaha. Well, it turned out that it was him! And I ended up loving their music and all the guys in the band were amazingly cool. I loved my internship at Interscope, but I was so ready to go back to Boston so I could see them more often!

Here’s a little more from my journal…I was such a fan girl from the start:
okay i was not expecting anything great or for him to be hot or anything… and yeah well the band was AMAZING and he was HOT and i have such a crush hahah. i’m so gonna go to all their shows when i get back to school! mm before i left he says, “i wanna give you a sweaty hug, is that alright?” im like uhh yeahhhh hahahahah. so hot omg.

I guess I had a thing for band guys, what can I say? Until next time…. 😉


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