Getting there….



I feel like I’m almost at the finish line (or more like the starting line) of publishing my young adult novel, Merch Girl. Here are my steps to writing Merch Girl in case anyone is interesting.


What I’ve done

– Drafted manuscript

– Edited manuscript

– Reviewed/revised manuscript about a million times

– Decided book was finally complete

– Created social media platforms for my name and book (blog, Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, Pinterest)

– Pulled giant excel list of book bloggers who cover self-published YA authors

– Searched relentlessly for perfect book cover image

– Honed photoshop skills to create amazing book cover

– Reached out to book bloggers to host Merch Girl Cover Reveal on April 20 and sent e-copies for their review

– Painstakingly formatted book files for Kindle and Createspace

– Uploaded files to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and Createspace programs

Where am I now?

– Proofing electronic and print files

– Getting pumped up to hit the “go” buttons on May 4 to publish this baby!


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