exasperated woman

When someone decides to self-publish a book, they should really be thinking, Welcome to the wonderful world of formatting!! It’s not that it’s too difficult, especially if you’re html and Word savvy, but it’s very time consuming! I just spent a few hours formatting my upcoming novel Merch Girl for paperback through Createspace. Hopefully I did it right!! Kindle wasn’t too bad, and it’s nice that you can add links in there too.

Anyone have any formatting horror stories (or love stories) to share??


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  1. Well, the good thing about formatting for print is that once you do it, you have a template to use from then on. Formatting for ebooks is what bugs me, since I have to relearn it each time. I feel your pain!

  2. I tried Adobe InDesign as a trial and fell in love. I just had to subscribe and use the program for my print and Kindle books. To me, it was rather painless once I got over the hurdle of understanding the program (thank you, Youtube) and I ain’t looking back. Words like HTML just confuses me. I’m not that tech savvy … I click on a button and voila: instant mobi file. 🙂

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