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I’ve been searching through various photo sites looking for the perfect photo for the cover of my upcoming book, Merch Girls. I can’t find any “real people” photos that fit the mold of who my characters are, but I found one really interesting illustration. It has bright colors and I think it will draw the reader in, even when it’s the tiny Amazon thumbnail size. Do you think people gravitate towards book covers with actual people on them, or are illustrations just as attractive? Sometimes I think it’s better to picture the characters in your head rather than having an actual reference, but maybe that’s just me. Discuss! πŸ™‚


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  1. Great questions. I am not sure if I want a photo on my book cover or not. I am kind of drawn to a plain cover that is basic and bold. But it also depends on who your target reader will be. I think the YA folks will like a flashy book cover that screams rock and roll.

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